Internet Etiquette

So here’s something funny. My pal Sarah Johnson periodically updates these little animated mini-comics, “Ordinary Batman Adventures.” They’re cute, and you’ve maybe seen them on Tumblr. Follow her! She’s rad.

The comics are cool enough, in fact, to have been picked up by the The Huffington Post recently. It seems that caught the attention of this guy Matt who has a comic called “Me and Batman,” which is another comic in which Batman does the mundane. He claims he’s been ripped off (there’s no monetary aspect to this, mind you), and wrote a very angry letter about why Sarah is a horrible person.

Now, I could point out that the comics he’s done are not as funny as Sarah’s. Or that the site hasn’t been updated in two years until now. Or that in the years he’s been drawing, he still seems to draw like a 7th grader doodling in his Math notebook.

Instead, I’ll just point out that this first comic he’s done in years is literally just he and Batman flipping Sarah off with the line “kiss the fucking ring.” And that the footer of his website now reads “Fuck Sarah Johnson.”

Ignoring that she likely didn’t ever see his comic (there are 20 people following this guy on Blogger), ignoring that this type of humor has been done before anyways, ignoring that sometimes people just think of the same stuff, all I can focus on was that some guy used this language on a girl. A lady. Dude. Dude. It’s not old fashioned to be courteous to women.

Sarah replied to this guy as nicely as she possibly could, and I applaud her on that. She’s mature enough to not sink to the level of this jackass.

But not me! Fuck you, internet a-hole. Treat people with respect.