One more thing— if anyone is not super experienced with assembling a demo reel for animation studios and you want someone to look yours over, feel free to email me yours and I can give you advice, if you like. berryanimation at gmail dot com. 

Anonymous said: How long did it take for professional work to pick up for you? How much patience did you have, and what did you do to keep yourself motivated?

I graduated from college in 2008, and the job market was really, really sour. It was hard to find a job. I applied to dozens of studios but there were few actually advertising open positions, and most required more professional experience. 

My first “professional” work was freelance I did within a couple months for a webseries which wasn’t really good. It didn’t pay well and was marketed as “build your portfolio!” Ugh.

I did miscellaneous freelancing for about a year until I got my first “real” job animating on the webshow Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, a PBS cartoon. That more or less led me to my first in-house job at my current studio about a year and a half after graduation. And I’ve been here for four years now!

To keep motivated you really just need to keep animating. It’ll build your demo reel up, aid your skill set and keep you sane. Try out new techniques or new software. And believe in your abilities!


Sneak peek of Adventure Time “Food Chain” episode written, storyboarded and directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game).

Have you watched Mind Game yet? Find it online. FIND IT ONLINE! This man is a perfect fit for Adventure Time.

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Happy 8th Birthday, Mother 3! Hey, Kumatora should be in Smash Bros!

Happy 8th Birthday, Mother 3! Hey, Kumatora should be in Smash Bros!


Here’s the Game Grumps episode I worked on, if you haven’t seen it yet!

(I only had 4 days or so to do it all so please be gentle :’D

Arin was amazing to work with, SUPER nice dude!!!

She did this in lhe most crazy deadline I’ve heard. Rad job.


taking into consideration some helpful critiques on the first one (side view), i did a front view of him running as well. i also fixed some frames on the side view that were out of place/miscolored on the original. hooray! now onto too much freelance work!

Leah is a talented young animator who started at our studio recently, and you should follow her! Her design style is like, whoa. 





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Texas Sportscaster Gives Best Response to Michael Sam’s Coming Out Ever

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Just throwing this out there, if there was a Dragon Ball equivalent of Moon Animate, Make-Up! would any artists be interested in participating? Everyone takes a shot and re-animates it? I’m talking original Dragon Ball series, some fun random episode.

No immediate plans from me! Just putting out the idea.

Sorry I’ve been absent lately.

Here’s my shot for Moon Animate, Make-Up!

It’s not overly dynamic but hey, it’s a shot of a character’s back.